Detox Day One = All-Time High, Why Did I Wait so Long to Start?

After a terrible start to the new year health-wise, along with having recently seen two health-minded docudramas titled Hungry for Change and Vegucated that are both on Netflix (I HIGHLY recommend them), I decided to try a life with juicing and restart my start of this year. I’m beyond pleased that I did.

I used to juice years ago but had a cheapie juicer that took forever to clean and was a pain-in-the-butt to use. It didn’t help that I couldn’t find any recipes that my palate could tolerate so, though I tried for a while, it didn’t pan out very well. However, in lieu of the way my year has started while being inspired by the aforementioned docudramas, I thought I should try it again by starting a healthy detox and incorporating juicing into my everyday life.

On Reboot with Joe, (created by Joe Cross who stars in Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and is also in Hungry for Change), there are plenty of recipes to choose from to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, whether it be juicing, soups or solid food recipes. There I found several choices for a detox “reboot” with a choice between three days and 15. I decided to try the five-day plan of which I’m currently on day one. Already, I’m pleasantly surprised.

Bearing in mind that I’d normally be happiest drowning in chocolate, I have to say that Cross’s Mean Green Juice (consisting of kale, spinach, cucumber, celery, apples and ginger) is quite delicious which, quite frankly, weirds me out. I’d never tried kale (to my recollection) until today and I’m not a fan of celery, plus there’s no added sugar (aside from the natural sugars in apples) so I was skeptical, yet the first few sips had me feeling very “buzzy,” invigorated, even “floaty” and a bit giggly. It’s a gentle taste that’s easy to like and I’m already planning on having it as my daily morning drink once my detox is over. Though it’s my first day I daresay I’d prefer drinking this over my usual Starbucks, it really makes you feel THAT good.

I’ve also tried the Cherry Cinnamon Apple Bake recipe in the detox plan (cherries, apples, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg) which is also quite good and surprisingly filling.

As I type this on my Mean Green Juice high I feel like I’ve been denied this feeling for a long time and wonder why I didn’t I know how to do it before. In reality I, along with everyone in the world, already know the benefits of healthy eating but we’re so oversaturated with food-like products that are quick, easy and more affordable than many vegetables and fruits ($4.99 for one plastic container of strawberries? Almost $3 for one large red pepper? Yet a chocolate bar is just over $1.) that it makes it harder to follow a healthy diet. Can you say frustrating?

As it is, for this five-day plan I spent more than I anticipate to cover the ingredients needed. However, in my case anyway, I could easily half all the recipes and still feel fulfilled (I had less than half of the Bake and only half of the Mean Green Juice yet I feel beyond fulfilled) so I could’ve probably reduced my bill in half as well. But with that said, can you really put a price on your health?

I will say that getting the right juicer helps immensely, don’t cheap out if you can avoid it. My new Breville (a brand that Cross recommends) does the job well and is super easy to clean compared to my previous juicer, making me WANT to use it which means I actually WILL use it.

Again, I’m only on my first day yet I already feel amazing, better than my usual chunk of chocolate would have me feel. I’m excited to see how the next few days unfold.

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