Dance Clubs are “MADD” About Music

Written for school on a class blog titled ACPR Tunes.

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Today’s society teaches everyone to multi-task while continuously changing their focus of attention, and music is no exception.

Thanks also in part to the plethora of available tunes from around the world, many people will only listen to a song for a short span of time before they become bored and switch to the next one.  When the listener can’t find a good song on their playlist, they’ll end up listening to about 10-30 seconds of each song they encounter in their quest for the right tune.

As a result, many now refer to this “syndrome” as musical attention deficit disorder, or MADD for short.

It’s most apparent in nightclubs as many DJs, in turn, play a mix of classic and new tunes for a whopping 30 seconds each before switching to the next track.  Each subsequent song will only be played for 30 seconds over the course of the night.

Other times DJs will take a song and play a “remix” of it, alternating about 30 seconds of the song itself with 30 seconds of a completely different tune to engage their MADD audience.

Nowadays, the only time a song is played in its entirety in a club is if it’s a “classic” song that gets the crowds going, such as Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy or almost any Irish drinking song.   Any other tune, as well as one’s ability to focus, tends to unwillingly be subjected to the “MADD-ness” of this trend.

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