Tissue Paper Bouquet is the NEW Toilet Paper Dress!

As the maid of honour for my bestie I wanted to do something different than all the “standard” games for her bridal shower. Though we still did the “guess what’s in her purse” and the very popular clothespin games, I came up with something completely new that (as far as I know) no one else had done before to replace the toilet-paper wedding dress game.

Introducing… The tissue paper bouquet game!

So much variety using the same things!

So much variety using the same things!

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Detox Day One = All-Time High, Why Did I Wait so Long to Start?

After a terrible start to the new year health-wise, along with having recently seen two health-minded docudramas titled Hungry for Change and Vegucated that are both on Netflix (I HIGHLY recommend them), I decided to try a life with juicing and restart my start of this year. I’m beyond pleased that I did.

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From Gamer to Industry Pro, One Man’s Unexpected Journey Into Gaming PR

A profile piece written for my PR program on a fellow PR practitioner.

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When deciding on your career, though you may have a particular goal in mind it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where you’ll end up. In the case of Jay Acevedo, PR manager for Ubisoft Canada, he never intended to get into the gaming industry yet is now a member of one of the industry’s big-name leaders.

Before gaming, Acevedo’s true passion was basketball and he spent four years playing as a semi-pro while teaching others on the side. When a knee injury caused his career to abruptly stop he wasn’t sure where he would end up.

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Video Games and Society’s Hesitant Embrace

A feature I wrote for GamingExcellence.com, it even scored 130-degrees on the very popular N4G website!

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Video games and their consoles have progressed considerably since they first appeared as main-stream games in the 70s. Today, they’ve become so successful that they’re making more than enough money to compete with sales figures of the movie industry, yet they’re usually ignored in the general media unless there’s a big issue or an amazing new game achieves high sales and hype. With a perpetual increase in popularity to boot, why is society seemingly hesitant to embrace the video game industry?

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The Growth of Video Game Music

Another post I wrote for my PR program’s ACPR Tunes blog.

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Music is always evolving with the times and video games are a great example of it.

Over the years game developers have worked to produce compositions that enhance the gaming experience.  Starting with computer chips, video games were limited to monophonic, looped tunes that were viewed as ridiculous at the time.  Yet as technology improved, so did the music, resulting with many catchy tunes like the theme from The Legend of Zelda or the award-winning theme from Civilization IV.

In more recent years many traditional schools and universities have included video game music as part of their curriculum.  Since the early 2000s, institutes such as Yale University introduced training seminars designed to teach students how to compose video game music.

On July 6, 2005, video game composers Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall debuted Video Games Live, a concert synchronizing lights and effects with live video game music.  Performed alongside the local orchestra and professional musicians, VGL has grown in popularity as they’ve expanded their venue, and the love of the industry’s music, to all over the world.

Video game music has recently been recognized at several big-name award shows including the International Film Music Critics Association, and the Grammy awards who witnessed their first video game music composition winner in 2011.

With popular songs such as Kesha’s Tik Tok incorporating new and old gaming tunes, along with efforts of groups like VGL, it’s easy to see why video game music is considered a part of today’s music industry.

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Dance Clubs are “MADD” About Music

Written for school on a class blog titled ACPR Tunes.

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Today’s society teaches everyone to multi-task while continuously changing their focus of attention, and music is no exception.

Thanks also in part to the plethora of available tunes from around the world, many people will only listen to a song for a short span of time before they become bored and switch to the next one.  When the listener can’t find a good song on their playlist, they’ll end up listening to about 10-30 seconds of each song they encounter in their quest for the right tune.

As a result, many now refer to this “syndrome” as musical attention deficit disorder, or MADD for short.

It’s most apparent in nightclubs as many DJs, in turn, play a mix of classic and new tunes for a whopping 30 seconds each before switching to the next track.  Each subsequent song will only be played for 30 seconds over the course of the night.

Other times DJs will take a song and play a “remix” of it, alternating about 30 seconds of the song itself with 30 seconds of a completely different tune to engage their MADD audience.

Nowadays, the only time a song is played in its entirety in a club is if it’s a “classic” song that gets the crowds going, such as Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy or almost any Irish drinking song.   Any other tune, as well as one’s ability to focus, tends to unwillingly be subjected to the “MADD-ness” of this trend.

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Photoshopping the World’s Perception of Beauty

Yet another feature I wrote during my time in my PR program.

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 Photoshop is a program used to tweak and edit pictures of any sort in any way you can imagine.  Whether it be to change the colour of an object or “remove” a blemish on someone’s face, the options are virtually limitless.  With no limits to hold them back, however, many organizations have embraced Photoshop in order to establish and maintain a particular standard of beauty, cashing in at the cost of society’s skewed and unrealistic perception of what is considered attractive.

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